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The Volumes of Underrealm are large, beautiful tomes containing three books each. They also contain dozens of pages of background material about the world of Underrealm that you can’t find anywhere else.



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Join Loren on an epic adventure across the nine kingdoms of Underrealm, with plotting wizards, mysterious Mystics, and a rising darkness that threatens to overwhelm even the High King herself.

This three-book bundle contains Nightblade, Mystic, and Darkfire, the first three books of the Nightblade Epic, and saves you 50% off buying the books individually.

It ALSO comes with 50 pages of extra history and background information about the world of Underrealm—stories you won't find anywhere else.

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Loren is well on her way to becoming a master thief—if she can only stay alive. But her mentor is gone, and she will lose more friends before the end, now hunted by foes beyond imagination. Yet if Loren does not take up the fight against them, no one will. Therefore she draws her black cloak tight and follows the road she must.

Her one great weapon—the ancient dagger at her hip—may yet prove to be her salvation. But even that power seems overshadowed by the threat looming over all nine kingdoms. And even with the High King at her back, Loren is not sure whether she is up to the task.

The war has begun. Its fires burn across Underrealm. And amidst the deadly battles, the fate of an ancient conflict depends on a girl who has sworn never to kill.

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Ebon has finally been allowed to attend the Academy for Wizards after years of living under the thumb of his cruel father. But with new freedoms come new troubles as well. Ebon can no longer ignore his family’s evil reputation as he finds himself drawn into dark schemes he cannot understand.

As darkness gathers and powerful players enter the game, Ebon faces an impossible choice: remain loyal to a family that has always seen him as a nuisance, or turn against them to preserve the law and order of his nation.

And the doom that weighs on his decision is greater than he can begin to understand.

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Tales of the Wanderer Volume One, by #1 Amazon Bestselling Author Garrett Robinson




In a backwater tavern, a young girl named Sun meets a talespinner named Albern.

But Sun already knows him from legends…and now she wants to hear them from him firsthand.

Albern tells Sun the tale of his adventures with Mag, possibly the greatest warrior Underrealm has ever seen.

Together, the two of them hunted monsters, traitors, and evil wizards across all nine kingdoms.

But all the while, Mag walked while shrouded in a secret … a secret even her best friend would not learn for a long while.

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The novels of Underrealm take place in a specific order. If you want to read each book in chronological sequence, this is how to do it.


(The Nightblade Epic, Book 1)

Loren has emerged from the Birchwood forest in the kingdom of Selvan. Behind her are cruel parents who see her as an instrument of labor, and a means to a dowry. Upon her shoulders hangs a noble’s cloak of fine black cloth. And at her hip is a dagger the world has not seen in centuries, the powers of which she does not yet fully understand.

Yet something keeps her from using that dagger to take a life.

Soon she crosses paths with the smuggler family of Yerrin, stealing their most precious treasure and invoking their wrath. Yerrin’s reach is long, and they will not stop until they silence Loren forever.

If she can survive, Loren may become the most infamous thief in the land of Underrealm. But if she fails, she will be only the first casualty in a great war brewing across the nine kingdoms.

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(The Nightblade Epic, Book 2)

Loren is on her way to becoming the woman of her dreams: Nightblade, a warrior of the darkness and a champion of the light. But powerful enemies hunt her across the kingdom while she searches in vain for her lost friends.

At her side is Jordel, a Mystic who seems to know more about Loren than she would wish—and something about her powerful dagger. But Loren has much to learn about Jordel’s brethren, and not all of it is good.

Loren wishes only to find her friends and evade the king’s law. But she will have to decide whether to flee Underrealm’s problems, or stand and fight them—and on that decision may rest the fate of all who dwell in the nine lands.

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(The Nightblade Epic, Book 3)

Xain’s madness has branded Loren and her friends, and even Jordel, fugitives from not only the king’s law but Jordel’s order of Mystics. Now their only hope lies in a hidden stronghold far to the north of the kingdom of Selvan.

Now that their steps are hounded, they must take an even more dangerous route through the Greatrock Mountains to the west. But more than Mystics and constables will pursue them, as dark creatures stalk them from the shadows of high peaks, and the presence of a mysterious foe known only as “The Lord” looms over them.

And in the darkness of his shadow, one traveler’s journey will end forever.

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(The Nightblade Epic, Book 4)

Loren is listless in the wind. Though the Shades have been revealed, the cost of that knowledge seems too heavy to bear. And once again Xain is clutched by the tremors of magestone sickness, giving her the excuse she needs to simply…not go on.

But now that the Shades have been found, they will not let Loren rest. If the Mystics learn what she knows, all the Shades’ dark schemes could be thrown into disarray. Northwood will be the first town to burn under their icy fury, but as they hunt for Loren on the road to Feldemar, it will not be the last.

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(Tales of the Wanderer, Book 1)

Loren of the family Nelda left the town of Northwood burning behind her. Her friends, the barkeep Mag, and the ranger Albern, stayed behind, battling the blue-clad warriors known as Shades. Loren thought them dead.

But they did not die.

Stripped of everything she loved—her town, her home, and her husband—Mag sets off into the Greatrock mountains seeking revenge. Albern, her lifelong friend, accompanies her, his only hope to keep her alive as long as he can.

But the Shades are not the only things lurking in the mountains. An ancient creature of unspeakable evil awaits them—and even the strength of The Uncut Lady may not be enough.

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(The Academy Journals, Book 1)

Just before his seventeenth birthday, Ebon joins the Academy for wizards, where he has wished to study all his life. Now at last he can use the magic he has so desperately yearned to control—yet the learning comes hard, for he has wasted more than half his life squandering his gift.

To make matters worse, the darkness of his family name plagues him. The other students are terrified. Teachers regard him with suspicion. And before long, his family begins to draw him into their schemes that span all the nine kingdoms of Underrealm.

A dark plot is brewing upon the High King’s Seat, and slowly Ebon finds himself at its center. If he is to learn to become an alchemist—indeed, if he is to survive at all—he must cast off his family’s black legacy, and become the wizard he was always meant to be.

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(Tales of the Wanderer, Book 2)

Mag has crossed the Greatrocks into Dorsea, and already tales of her exploits have begun to spread. Servants of the Necromancer flee at even the rumor of her approach, and those who dare to stand before her meet a swift end at the tip of her spear.

But her quest for vengeance will take her, as well as Albern, to the farthest reaches of the outland kingdom of Calentin. There, ways and customs are strange—and creatures of immense size and power dwell within a day’s march of humanity’s cities.

Upon the highest peaks, Mag’s quest will pit her against the rock trolls who threaten Underrealm’s northern borders. But what good will her skill at arms do her, when no blade can pierce the skin of a troll?

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(The Academy Journals, Book 2)

Ebon has survived the attack upon the High King’s Seat, and now the Academy struggles to piece itself together in the midst of civil war. Now a quiet urgency hangs over all the lessons taught within the citadel; every student knows the spells they learn now may one day save their lives from the enemies of the King.

Then an instructor is found dead in the Academy’s halls—their throat slit by an unknown assassin.

Panic creeps in, while Ebon and his friends hear of thefts from the Academy’s vaults. Artifacts of incredible power are disappearing one by one, and are clearly connected to the murder. Theren thinks she knows who the thief is, but cannot prove it. And so Ebon and his friends must reveal the identity of the murderer, before they strike again.

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(The Nightblade Epic, Book 5)

Woe be to traitors, for now the High King has an agent of retribution: Loren of the family Nelda is now the Nightblade. Ever since Loren first left the Birchwood Forest, the merchant Damaris has hounded her steps. Now Damaris has committed high treason and begun a civil war, and Loren has been sent to bring her before the King’s law.

At Loren’s side is a party of Mystics, capable warriors all. For the first time she finds herself an agent of the realm rather than a criminal within it. But that brings no promise of safety, for all the nine lands are now a danger to any traveler.

In the far western reaches of the kingdom of Feldemar, battle lines will be drawn. And an unseen presence that has dogged Loren’s steps for countless leagues will be revealed.

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(The Academy Journals, Book 3)

The Academy is in mourning after students and instructors alike have been murdered in its halls, but the murderer is now far away across the nine kingdoms—or so they believe.

When Ebon learns of a new threat within the Academy, he and his friends must work quickly to stop it—for if anyone knows the terrible secret they conceal, they could be put to death.

As the Academy’s danger grows, and the new Dean grows increasingly suspicious of Ebon himself, he must infiltrate the family Yerrin and learn a dark truth if he hopes to remain alive.

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(The Nightblade Epic, Book 6)

Loren pursues Damaris of the family Yerrin. But Damaris has fled south into Dorsea, and she knows she is being hunted.

The power of the High King’s hand is still at Loren’s back, but that has not helped her bring her arch-nemesis to bay. Damaris eludes her at every turn, and the best trackers at Loren’s disposal cannot close the gap in her pursuit. And then disaster strikes in Underrealm’s great civil war, as an entire kingdom turns traitor.

Her mission has never been more urgent, and yet despite her best efforts, Loren cannot gain the upper hand. As the danger to her friends grows ever greater, Loren must decide just how far she is willing to go to deliver the High King’s justice.

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(Tales of the Wanderer, Book 3)

The High King now wages open war in the east, and the stirrings can be felt even where Mag and Albern wander. As they pursue their own mission, they must fend with brigands and robbers made bold by the High King’s diverted attention—until they are drawn into the heart of the conflict itself.

On the battlefields between Feldemar and Dorsea, loyalists and rebels pay a heavy price in blood—and the Uncut Lady once again unleashes her skill upon her foes.

But not even Underrealm’s traitors represent the darkest threat in the land. Whispers slither through the towns and cities of a dark wizard roaming the land, and Mag suspects the end of her quest may draw near. The only question that remains is whether shield and spear may stand up to the darkest of magics…

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Lifemage Dawning, by #1 Amazon Bestseller Garrett Robinson


(The Resurrection Cycle, Book 1)

In the nine kingdoms of Underrealm, two great figures are born every few centuries: the Lifemage and the Necromancer. They rise, they grow in power, and they clash. Their conflict will shape the world for generations to come, until they return again.

Oris has never wanted anything more than a simple sellsword’s life. But her powers manifest in a desperate moment, and now she finds herself thrust into the center of a war she cannot imagine. The enemy has been gathering his strength for years, mayhap decades, and Oris has a long road ahead of her to even learn to use her powers.

With her best friend Flip at her side, as well as a captivating woman named Silvin, Oris must survive her enemy’s soldiers long enough to come into her own. And at the end of that journey lies a battle that has been brewing for centuries.

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An epic battle of the ages, a team forged in fire, and a quest that will determine the fate of the world.

In a world shaken by the war between the Necromancer and the Lifemage, four unlikely heroes must unite to restore balance to the realm. Led by the reluctant Lifemage, Oris, the band of champions—including the infamous thief, Loren; tormented apprentice wizard, Ebon; and the legendary peerless warrior, Mag—must journey through the Nine Kingdoms, facing treachery and impossible odds. Can they stand united and bring down the powerful Necromancer before their world crumbles?

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Theren has only recently graduated from the Academy for Wizards. But even her spells cannot save her from the fate she fears. Her patron, Imara, sees her as a possession to be paraded before other nobles. Theren would do anything to escape such a life.

Her resolve is tested when she is offered a position with the Mystic warriors. But Theren has suffered punishment and torture from the Mystics in the past, and joins them only with the utmost reluctance. As war rages across Underrealm, Theren and her lover, Lilith, must navigate treacherous waters. She will have to make peace with the redcloaks, even as she makes war against rebels seeking to overthrow the High King.

And deep in the traitorous kingdom of Dulmun, she will discover a plot that could bring everyone she loves to a bloody, violent death…

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The world of Underrealm has become a new landmark in epic fantasy, with legions of avid readers hungering for more.

Contained within these pages are the first eleven Chronicles of Underrealm, short stories penned in this expansive world. Written by a wide array of incredible authors, these tales will reveal secrets of Underrealm that avid readers won’t find anywhere else—and introduce new arrivals to a world that’s every bit as intricate and interesting as our own.

Consider this your first step into your favorite new fantasy world.