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The Chronicles of Underrealm Collection One


The world of Underrealm has become a new landmark in epic fantasy, with legions of avid readers hungering for more.

Contained within these pages are the first eleven Chronicles of Underrealm, short stories penned in this expansive world. Written by a wide array of incredible authors, these tales will reveal secrets of Underrealm that avid readers won’t find anywhere else—and introduce new arrivals to a world that’s every bit as intricate and interesting as our own.

Consider this your first step into your favorite new fantasy world.



Loren and Ebon don’t want anyone to die—but that might not be up to them.

Loren of the family Nelda is an aspiring thief and adventurer. She only has one rule: never take a life. But one night she stumbles into a tavern where that sort of thinking can get you killed quick.

Ebon of the family Drayden is a student at the Academy for Wizards. He’s trying to uncover a deadly conspiracy that could lead to war. But intrigue is thirsty work, and a nighttime tavern visit is irresistible.

Each of them just wanted a quiet night, to have a few drinks and forget about their troubles for a while. But it remains to be seen if everyone will escape the tavern alive…


The last Wizard King isn’t going down without a fight.

Nayala of the family Uchawi is the king of Feldemar. It’s a good life—until her liege lord, the High King of Underrealm, issues an edict ordering her to step down from the throne.

The High King has been conspiring with the merchant family of Yerrin—and until recently, Nayala thought the Yerrins were on her side. Now, if she wants to keep both her throne and the source of her incredible magical power, Nayala will have to betray her betrayers to get even.


Horace Stubhart never wanted to be a hero.

Horace comes from a long line of city guards: good, dependable people who watch walls, keep citizens safe, and dutifully avoid anything that seems like it might lead to High Adventure. Those are for nobles and adventurers, not guards like Horace.

But unfortunately, Horace finds himself uniquely suited for a snowy patrol in Underrealm’s capital one night. And he finds himself drawn in, step by step, to a nighttime adventure far beyond what his ancestors might have dreamed—and quite possibly beyond what they would have approved of.


A creature of the mountains. A grizzled ranger. Even ancient enemies can form a star-crossed friendship.

The satyr Tiglak has been sneaking away from his tribe to listen to the tales of a human named Albern. It’s a crime for which he could be killed, yet he can’t seem to help himself.

But his once-best friend Gragas has begun to suspect Tiglak’s behavior. And Gragas has been telling tales of whispers in his mind from a mysterious figure called “The Lord”—whispers that give him all too much information about Tiglak’s secret doings.

As his murderous former ally closes in on the human who has given him so much, Tiglak alone must decide whether to remain loyal to his people or to sacrifice everything to save a human—and find a way to tell his own story for the first time.


Silvin can’t trust herself not to kill.

Silvin is a knight of the Mystic order, and she’s very good at her job. Often assigned to the most dangerous and demanding of tasks, once she sets her sights on a target, they’ve got no chance.

But can she also keep someone alive?

Someone has captured a royal child, and Silvin’s captain believes they may be more than a simple bandit. He assigns Silvin to find out the truth about the villains while remaining undetected.

When her mission goes awry, and Silvin must unleash her inner beast to survive, can she trust herself not to kill the child she has come to save?


Aurel can’t help but help…even when it comes to killers.

Aurel the silversmith is a famously generous man, and he has been of inestimable help to some of the mightiest figures in Underrealm. It has earned him powerful friends, and it’s even earned him a bit of coin.

And today it might get him killed.

An assassin of the Tabarzin is asleep in Aurel’s basement, and the law is hunting for her. He has no idea what to do about her, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time: he’s overloaded with work, and he’s just been commissioned to make a locket for the father of a dying child.

Oh, and he’ll also have to entertain Xain of the family Forredar—lifelong friend to Aurel, but sworn mortal enemy of the Tabarzin and the family they serve.

Aurel is a peaceful man. But it remains to be seen whether he can help those he has sworn to serve, while also keeping his friends and allies from killing each other within his very own home…


A princess on the run. A prince framed for her murder. A Mystic who cannot trust. They must save each other—or all three are doomed.

Tatiana and Riardrain, nobles of Hedgemond, are meant to be married. But on the eve of their union, Tatiana vanishes from the castle, and Riardrain is implicated in her supposed murder. Now he must defend his honor and his lands—but, too, he yearns to find the woman he has fallen in love with, to his own great surprise.

Meanwhile, Rafad the Mystic has received a party of new recruits, and one of them seems suspicious. Rafad, ever fearful since a failed assassination attempt against him in his childhood, investigates, knowing more than his own life may be at stake. The girl arrived with no family name, but called herself only Tatiana.

Three simple figures find themselves in a tangled web of deception and intrigue. Each walks a razor’s edge of danger and dishonor—but, together, they may yet find peace and, if they are very lucky, happiness.


A new-crowned king. A nation on the brink of war. The line between justice and vengeance is about to become blurred.

Bodil of the family Valgun is the new king of Dulmun—and hardly has her reign begun before the nobles of her kingdom begin vying for the power they believe they can rip away from her. Returning from putting down her first insurrection, Bodil discovers that enemies in her own capital are planning her death—and the death of her family.

Her foes have worked long to keep their identities secret, and Bodil will have to use all her strength—and the considerable wits of her wife and son—to root them out. And she must do it quickly, for the High King's new ambassador is no friend to her, and already he schemes to destabilize the kingdom even further.

If Bodil is to be a good king—if she is to live to be king at all—she will have to find new allies who share the strongest value at the core of her heart: the wish to keep her people safe, and to crush those who would harm them.


An insolent prince. A pirate wizard in search of honor. As war looms, no kingdom—and no warrior—can remain neutral.

Kara has never been satisfied with her role as prince of Wavemount, one of the outland kingdoms of Underrealm. She would rather spend her days exploring the ocean cliffs and delving into the underwater grottos common in her homeland.

Lucio is a wizard and a pirate who seeks to reclaim an honor that seems forever just out of reach. In desperation, he has taken a dangerous contract that will take him to a far distant land—a land with which he has a profound connection.

Both of them will be sucked into an undertow of war that threatens to drag even neutral kingdoms into its depths. For an emissary from the High King has come to Wavemount, and he seems determined to root out traitors in Kara's family—no matter who gets harmed in the process.


An urchin boy, and a myth beyond belief. Sometimes even the most fantastic tales turn out to be true.

Enu is a homeless child in the city of Cabrus. He and a swarm of other children fill their bellies by stealing goods and bringing them to their matron, Auntie—a woman whose approval Enu has always desperately craved.

But one night, Enu's friends return to their hideout with tales of a mythic figure stalking the streets. None can agree on the details—does he have a bear's hide? Did he truly fly? Can he breathe fire?—but all swear they saw him.

All except Enu.

His quest for excitement—and a few ill-gotten coins—will carry Enu into the peril of Cabrus' streets in the dead of night.

And he will learn for himself the truth behind the legend.


A hidden friend. A perilous stranger. Snowy mountains will play host to a bloody battle for survival.

Loren of the family Nelda is on her way through the Sunmane Pass in pursuit of Damaris Yerrin. The merchant is on the run, but Loren knows she is not safe—nor are Chet and the rest of her friends.

Mag, one of the greatest warriors in the nine kingdoms, rides east through the same pass with her best friend, Albern, when she encounters a party of unknown Yerrins riding in the opposite direction. They make no move to harm Mag and her companions, but still she feels herself on edge.

Loren and Mag are about to be drawn into a deadly battle high in the Greatrock Mountains. And as Damaris Yerrin leaves behind one of her deadliest agents to deal with them both, the Wanderer and the Nightblade shall have to use all their skills if they hope to survive.


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