A Cloak of Red | Paperback

This item will be released April 10, 2020.


Theren has only recently graduated from the Academy for Wizards. But even her spells cannot save her from the fate she fears. Her patron, Imara, sees her as a possession to be paraded before other nobles. Theren would do anything to escape such a life.

Her resolve is tested when she is offered a position with the Mystic warriors. But Theren has suffered punishment and torture from the Mystics in the past, and joins them only with the utmost reluctance. As war rages across Underrealm, Theren and her lover, Lilith, must navigate treacherous waters. She will have to make peace with the redcloaks, even as she makes war against rebels seeking to overthrow the High King.

And deep in the traitorous kingdom of Dulmun, she will discover a plot that could bring everyone she loves to a bloody, violent death…

96 available for pre-ordering (can be backordered)