The third book of the Tales of the Wanderer
Nightblade, the #1 Amazon Bestseller by Garrett Robinson

A hunt for vengeance approaches its ultimate end.

The High King now wages open war in the east, and the stirrings can be felt even where Mag and Albern wander. As they pursue their own mission, they must fend with brigands and robbers made bold by the High King’s diverted attention—until they are drawn into the heart of the conflict itself.

On the battlefields between Feldemar and Dorsea, loyalists and rebels pay a heavy price in blood—and the Uncut Lady once again unleashes her skill upon her foes.

But not even Underrealm’s traitors represent the darkest threat in the land. Whispers slither through the towns and cities of a dark wizard roaming the land, and Mag suspects the end of her quest may draw near. The only question that remains is whether shield and spear may stand up to the darkest of magics…


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