The first book of the Tales of the Wanderer
Nightblade, the #1 Amazon Bestseller by Garrett Robinson

An unstoppable warrior. A fatal quest for revenge.

From #1 Amazon Bestselling Author Garrett Robinson

Loren of the family Nelda left the town of Northwood burning behind her. Her friends, Mag and Albern, stayed behind, battling the blue-clad warriors known as Shades. Loren thought them dead.

But they did not die.

Stripped of everything she loved—her town, her home, and her husband—Mag sets off into the Greatrock mountains seeking revenge. Albern, her lifelong friend, accompanies her, his only hope to keep her alive as long as he can.

But the Shades are not the only things lurking in the mountains. An ancient creature of unspeakable evil awaits them—and even the strength of The Uncut Lady may not be enough.

Narrated by Garrett Robinson

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