The Nightblade Epic: Volumes One and Two | Hardcover



Read the books that continue to hit the top of Amazon’s bestseller lists, with more than 100,000 raving fans around the world.

Join Loren on an epic adventure across the nine kingdoms of Underrealm, with plotting wizards, mysterious Mystics, and a rising darkness that threatens to overwhelm even the High King herself.

These two volumes contain the novels Nightblade, Mystic, Darkfire, Shadeborn, Weremage and Yerrin, the first six books of the Nightblade Epic.

They ALSO come with over 110 pages of extra history and background information about the world of Underrealm—stories you won’t find anywhere else.

Grab the volumes now and save 60% off buying the individual books!

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The Nightblade Epic:

Volumes One and Two