The second book of the Nightblade Epic
Nightblade, the #1 Amazon Bestseller by Garrett Robinson

A girl on a path to infamy. A mage on a path to darkness.

A #1 Amazon Bestseller

Loren is on her way to becoming the woman of her dreams: Nightblade, a warrior of the darkness and a champion of the light. But powerful enemies hunt her across the kingdom while she searches in vain for her lost friends.

At her side is Jordel, a Mystic who seems to know more about Loren than she would wish—and something about her powerful dagger. But Loren has much to learn about Jordel’s order, and not all of it is good.

Loren wishes only to find her friends and evade the King’s law. But she will have to decide whether to flee Underrealm’s problems, or stand and fight them—and on that decision may rest the fate of all who dwell in the nine lands.

Narrated by Garrett Robinson

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